About Us

To respond to needs so that God’s love is shared.

What we value

Worship – We are privileged to be able to worship God, therefore we do not believe that worship is an event to be observed, but something in which we participate.  We celebrate the Jesus Christ among us with heart and voice – together as one. 

Multiplying and Uniting – We believe in living God’s Great Commission, and addressing the needs of those who share this life with us.  We extend the love and mercy of Jesus Christ to all we encounter, wherever the Holy Spirit will lead 

Contributing – Generosity is a way of living, not a form of giving.  Our actions extend beyond writing a check. As Christians, we are active in every aspect of our community, even as far as God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit will lead us.  

Forward moving – We believe that God is in the future, and He is always inviting us to come and live that future with Him.  Therefore, we celebrate our history, but we are journeying to where God is and what God wants us to do. 

Biblical – The Word of God is not a bare history of what God has done. The Word of God is living, active, working in the here and now, transforming us from what we are into who we can become. The Word, contained in the Old and New Testaments is the ultimate authority for our faith and our life.  It invites us, transforms us, and leads us to a wonderful adventure with Our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

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