About Us

To respond to needs so that God’s love is shared.

What we value

Worship – We are privileged to be able to worship God, therefore we do not believe that worship is not an event to be observed, but rather something to be participated in.  We celebrate the Lord among us with our whole hearts and voices – together as one. 

Multiplying and Uniting – We believe in living our God’s Great Commission, and to address the needs of those who share this life with us.  It is our prayer that everyone who becomes a part of First, will join with us as we reach out to all. 

Contributing – generosity is a way of living, not a form of giving.  Everyone who becomes a part of the life of First, is encouraged to live so as to enrich the lives of those with whom they meet. 

Forward moving – we believe that God is in the future and that He is always inviting us to come and live that future with Him.  Therefore, we are not struggling to maintain what we have, but are ever looking to where God is and wants us to be.  Biblical – God’s Word is able to transform us.  The Bible is the ultimate authority for our faith and our life.  It invites us, transforms us, and challenges us toward a wonderful, ongoing adventure with Our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

What We Believe

God – the Creator and Sustainer of all

Jesus Christ – God in human form

Holy Spirit – God present and active in the world today

Bible – the inspired Word of God, and the ultimate authority

Grace – love, care, and forgiveness given to us even though we do not deserve it.

Trinity – God shows Himself to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Cross – the empty Cross symbolizes Jesus Christ rising from the dead to eternal life.Sacraments Baptism: washes away our old selves and unites us with Christ.  Communion: represent the body and the blood of Christ, and the New Covenant between God and His people.

Who Are We

Presbyterian does not refer to a form of theology but rather to a system of government.  The Presbyterian Church is a representative democracy governed by elders elected from and by the congregation.  All authority in the church resides with the duly elected representatives of the local congregations and in the upper governing bodies. 

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